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Goals can change

Sometimes Goals Change

We are humans interacting with other humans in a constantly-changing world… Life happens, and sometimes life makes our goals easier to accomplish, harder to accomplish, unrealistic, or even moot.

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We Do Our Best

We Do Our Best

We’re each doing our best…so why does it feel like so much of the time we’re not doing enough? That WE are not enough?

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Wake Up Call

Activate Your Wake-Up Call

The best wake-up calls not only spring us out of bed and get our wheels turning, they get us moving forward, taking productive action in our lives. Much of the time, however, we don’t come close to benefiting from their full potential, and there are several reasons for this.

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Peace in Ukraine

One. Small. Action.

There is so much work to be done, not only in the Ukraine, all around the world. The small things we do many miles and oceans away can feel insignificant…But small actions add up.

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