I grew up hearing, feeling, and living these words.

Though a powerful force for peace, there have been many many times when they have fallen flat.

I hear them now in light of all that has been happening in the Ukraine, and I get this pounding in my chest and sinking in the pit of my stomach.

Words are just words.

And though imperfect in impact, these words are still powerful. These words can drive ACTION. 

There is so much work to be done, not only in the Ukraine, all around the world. The small things we do many miles and oceans away can feel insignificant…

But small actions add up.

And every person can make a difference.

Here are some actions you can take (big or small) to support families suffering from the war in Ukraine.

*Stay informed

*Be considerate


*Give time

*Give money

And take care of yourself and your family, too.

If you’re feeling stuck, this website might spark some ideas –

Choose what aligns with you, your values, and the world you wish to see.

I hope you’ll join me in doing whatever you can to show the world that NEVER AGAIN, though imperfect, is a force for peace.

Here’s one small action I’m taking to #standingwithukraine today:

25% of proceeds from “Starter Coaching Package” sign-ups through March 31, 2022 will go to UNICEF to support Ukrainian children and families.

One. Small. Action.

Learn more and sign up below.

You can also give directly to UNICEF with this link, or find another organization that aligns with your values here or elsewhere.   



Peace in Ukraine

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When you sign up with this link, 25% of proceeds will go to UNICEF to support Ukrainian children and families through March 31, 2022.  

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