We’re each doing our best…so why does it feel like so much of the time we’re not doing enough? That WE are not enough?

If something got in your way last week – or perhaps you got in your own way – welcome to the club. I’m here to tell you that in any given moment, we are each doing our best with what we’ve got.

Weeks where we struggle (too much), push through at the expense of something more important (health?), or even miss the mark…these are the weeks that remind us of what we’re capable of, as well as the price tag of running on overdrive. We learn what feels right (and what doesn’t), what’s actually urgent, what’s really important, and what we want to differently next time.

If you don’t feel like you “did your best” at something this week…well, I’m here to tell you that maybe you did. We each do our best given our abilities, resources, the choices we see, and the person we are at any given moment in time. 

And I’m also here to tell you that you CAN do better next time.

If you want to.

Just listen to Maya Angelou and perhaps take a few minutes for yourself to learn and grow with this reflection:


Think of one significant challenge that you faced in the last week that pushed you beyond your limits.

• At what point along your journey with this challenge did reality set in for you?
• How difficult was it to accept reality at the time? Why?

• Looking back, what did you learn that you’ll carry forward to do better next time?