27.8 pounds lighter, and it feels so good!
And before you start congratulating me on weight loss…
Let’s be clear.
I FEEL 27.8 pounds lighter.
It is incredibly freeing to FEEL the influx of energy that comes with LETTING GO of a heavy load.

(Mental, emotional, physical, …)
In this case, that load is my 27.8 pound 3-year-old daughter.
Caregiving is hard stuff!
(Can you see all those gray hairs?!? Seriously, you don’t even have to zoom in…)
After 2 weeks at home, my daughter was FINALLY back at school this week! And the immediate difference in my energy was palpable.
If you’re going through a challenging time as a caregiver right now, here are a few things to help you get through it:
1️⃣ First – remember that IT WILL NOT LAST FOREVER.
2️⃣ Second – Remember you always have choices. What are your choices?
3️⃣ Third – Tap your support system. A coach, therapist, friend, family member, or colleague may be able to help you take a load off.
You are not alone.