There are times when we need to “get back to basics.”

This is one of those times for me.

I’d like to say I’m doing so consciously, but this time the pull is coming from forces outside of my control.

💭Why does it seem to take outside forces to do what we have the power and choice to do on our own? More that another day…

With a revolving door of illnesses, big and small (going on 6 weeks now!) in our household, I have felt at times that I’m being pulled under, exhausting my strength to swim against the current.

I know I’m not alone.

• Working parents trying to do ALL THE THINGS.
• Burned out high achievers.
• People starting a new job in a hybrid/remote work world.
• Workers seeking a new career/job/company.
• Leaders navigating high levels of uncertainty.
• Anyone navigating with, through, and around COVID.
• Everyone!

Though thankfully nothing my family is going through is truly debilitating or serious, it’s the incessant presence of some obstacle, minor though it may be at times, that can be SO. INCREDIBLY. EXHAUSTING.

It’s times like these that remind me of my priorities and gratitude for the many privileges I don’t take for granted, the most important of which are to…

1️⃣ Be there for my number one priority – my family.
2️⃣ Work and make a difference by supporting my coaching and consulting clients.
3️⃣ Eat and (get some) sleep.

Everything else is gravy – especially this week. (Or let’s go with icing, because I don’t get super excited about gravy…)

And boy am I looking forward to….
• My daughter going back to school
• More sleep!
• Time with friends
• Coffee catchups
• Writing more!
• Experiments
• Exercise
• Date night!
• Being able to do anything beyond the bare bones…

Sometimes we just need to hit the “pause” button on everything else, remaining confident we’ll hit “play” again soon.

I am SO looking forward to hitting “play” again soon.